Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! You can email or chat with them. During virtual classes, you can communicate with other students and your tutor in writing or orally.

Yes! You can communicate with your tutor by email: he or she is there to help you. In addition, you have one 30-minute private session per week with your tutor.

It means to communicate in writing with other people. The communication is instantaneous. You write a message and receive an immediate response from other students.


The course starts when you want it to. The CLIC en ligne course is a “rolling entry” course. This means that you start whenever you are ready.

You decide. A tip: the more you work, the faster you progress.

No. This course is exclusively for adults 18 years and older.

No. You are going to take a ranking test. The ranking test provides information on your French level. We will put you in the group that matches your level.

You often work alone, but the tutor is there to help and advise you. The tutor who guides you in your learning of French answers your questions. He or she reviews and checks the work you have done.

Yes. You will find grammar capsules in the CLIC en ligne course. You will also learn how to write short texts.

Yes. You just need to meet the eligibility criteria.

You use the Internet to take a course with other students. The tutor is leading the class.

A private meeting is a 30-minute session where you are alone with your tutor. This session is via the Internet.

You will improve your French. This course will also help you integrate more quickly into the French-speaking community.

You make your own schedule. You can work in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The only exception is the virtual class (group class). The tutor chooses the time with you.

You have 1 hour per week in virtual class (classes with other students). The tutor determines this time with the students.


Everything is provided in the CLIC en ligne course. You do not need any materials.


Yes. It is necessary for virtual classes. It is also very convenient when you talk to your tutor.

Microsoft Teams is a software that allows you to use the Internet to make phone calls and video conferences.


An evaluator will meet with you in your community. He or she will give you a ranking test. This test gives information about your level of French.

Yes, you have an “end of level test” when you have completed a level. This test gives you access to the next level. You use the Internet to take this test. You do not have to go anywhere.

No. You use the Internet. You only move once to take the ranking test. You take the test in your community (service centre or other).


You can write to us.

For Ontario residents, visit the Ontario government website you will find answers to your questions. The eligibility criteria are different from those of CLIC en ligne.

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Contact us at 613 742-2493, ext. 2990
You can also write to us.

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