Raydelto's testimonial

CLIC en ligne Level 7 - From Chile

Claudia's testimonial

CLIC en ligne Level 7 - From Colombia

Marwa's testimonial

CLIC en ligne Level 6 - From Egypt

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  • I am a student in the CLIC en ligne program. But now I may have quit the program. I am way too busy with my school. The program is great and I have learned a lot. I thank you for everything you have done. And I want to say that Ms. Lauriault is a very good teacher. I like her very much.

    Bryce Lyu , Winnipeg

    CLIC en ligne Level 3

    From China

  • I live in Winnipeg and I am originally from Brazil. I am now at CLIC 5. I wanted to improve my French to be able to work in both official languages of Canada. Thanks to CLIC en ligne and the progress I made; I was able to get a permanent bilingual intermediate BBB position with the Manitoba Federal Government.

    Larissa of Winnipeg, Manitoba

    CLIC en ligne Level 5

    From Brazil

  • My name is Lei. I am a newcomer to Canada. I am very interested in French. Before I came to Canada, I learned French for a few years. But I had no chance to speak French and I forgot many things. When I came to Canada, I heard that you can learn French with the help of the Canadian government…

    Lei of North York, Ontario

    CLIC en ligne Level 3

    From China

  • Although the vast majority of my work is done in English, I use my understanding of French to translate texts into English and to communicate with my Francophone colleagues. I work in a bilingual company with offices in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Northern Ontario…

    Karolina of Toronto, Ontario

    CLIC en ligne Level 7

    From Poland

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